Summer 2016
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  1. Overview
  2. Current Vacant Volunteer Jobs
  3. Nominate Members
  4. Reporting Volunteer Time
  5. Utilization of Volunteer Tracking
  6. Charts



Volunteerism is a key component to the business model of the GTHLA. The majority of labour needed to run the league is provided by volunteers. The benefits include maintaining low membership fees, earning credit toward all league fees and dues and providing additional avenues for membership collaboration which strengthens community.

Current Vacant Volunteer Jobs
We’re currently looking for more help in the following areas. Contact our volunteer coordinator, Deirdre Norman, at if you can help out in any of these areas...
Website Content coordinator. Join the website workgroup and help us get the content flowing better.
GTHLAKids Assistance. We can always use help coordinating and promoting our minor hockey clinics.

Ice Time Booking Assistance. We could use assistance in sourcing additional ice time when needed.

Equipment Manager. We need help with hockey sweater maintenance. The league owns a few sets of team sweaters which need to be laundered regularly and we need to keep track of them as they get used in games and Intermingles.

Trophy and Pennant Maintenance. We need help getting our trophy engraving up to date and getting league pennants made for the McCormick Arena ceiling.

E-Newsletter Assistance. We need help supervising a regular membership newsletter.

Sponsorship. We need help sourcing and maintaining sponsorship from within our community and outside.

Membership Coordinator. We need help coordinating all the Membership projects.


Members are encouraged to see our Projects and Task list and see if they can help with any item on it.


Nominate Members

Reporting Volunteer Time
We are working on incorporating the value of volunteer time and expertise into the financial sustainability of the league. In order for us to build this system, we ask that all volunteers do their best to report the time and expertise that they have donated to the league. Reports of volunteer hours should be emailed to or fill out the form below...

Utilization of Volunteer Tracking
Volunteer time can be used to earn discounts on team and individual membership fees. Details of available discounts toward 2013/14 membership fees can be viewed, ( Honorariums are paid out to the volunteers who donate the most time and expertise. For these financial systems to operate fairly, we need all volunteer time and expertise donated to the league reported.

Collecting this information also helps us build accurate budgets for the work that goes into specific components of the organization and it also helps us build transparency with who’s doing what and how much work they’re putting into the benefit of the league and community.
Here are the current charts on volunteer hours. They can only cover the hours which are reported. Team charts can be viewed at the following link.


(Photos by Mike Loveless)