Summer 2016
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Count Choculas (Black)
Summer Mingle 2016
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Game # 33296 Team Milk (white) at Count Choculas (Black)
2:00 PM Sunday, August 7, 2016 McCormick Arena

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Count Choculas (Black) Roster
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Player Name Position Action
Active Roster
(*) Nidhan Grewal Goalie [login]
Spare Roster
(*) Jay Charnow G [login]
(*) Luke Smit G [login]
(*) Dave Murray G [login]
Active Roster
(*) Kelly Dutton F/D [login]
(*) GM Spencer F/D [login]
(*) Bill Wheeler F/D [login]
(*) GM Sean Jessop F [login]
(*) Clint Tham F [login]
(*) Ashley Guizzo F [login]
(*) Julie Martin F [login]
(*) Tammy Grime F [login]
(*) Jay Hay F [login]
(*) Sarah Cunningham F [login]
(*) Della Rollins F [login]
(*) Andy Smith F [login]
(*) Heather Cunningham D/F [login]
(*) Rob Cameron D/F [login]
(*) Teppei Kamei D/F [login]
Spare Roster
(*) Doug Spooner [login]
(*) Matt Hayes [login]