Summer 2016
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The Bloody Knuckles
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The Bloody Knuckles Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
69 Goalie Mike Loveless R (Attendance)

02 Forward Hiep Vu L (Attendance)

03 Forward Chris Baigorri L (Attendance)

04 Forward Mark Abernathy L (Attendance)

06 Wing Graeme Ring R (Attendance)

08 Cam Flynn (Attendance)

09 Defense Warren Olivo R (Attendance)

11 Forward Colin Aussant R (Attendance)

13 Defense Paul Derksen L (Attendance)

17 Forward Adam Kelsey R (Attendance)

19 Forward Greg Nelson L (Attendance)

21 Forward Diego Morettin R (Attendance)

22 Forward Jay Robinson L (Attendance)

64 Defense Warren Hyrcun R (Attendance)

70 Defense Sheldon Barclay R (Attendance)

72 Forwar Dave Jackson R (Attendance)

77 Defense Paul Thomas R (Attendance)

80 C Craig Gordon L (Attendance)

Spare Roster
00 Goalie Warren Hyrcun R (Attendance)

30 goalie dave murray right (Attendance)

9 John Lee (Attendance)

43 Rens Davis (Attendance)

43 Tim Muirhoahd (Attendance)

43 Chris Bolton (Attendance)

43 Matt Patterson (Attendance)

44 Andrew Packinski (Attendance)

44 Jeremy Penrose (Attendance)

69 Forward Mike Loveless R (Attendance)