Summer 2016
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Holy Mackinaws Eh
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Holy Mackinaws Eh Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
1 G Zeke James (Attendance)

4 Jeremy Franchuk (Attendance)

5 Rob Trick (Attendance)

6 Justin White (Attendance)

6 Matthew Terceira (Attendance)

7 Jason Jarrett (Attendance)

10 Andrew Budd (Attendance)

14 Rich Matheson (Attendance)

16 Nicole Crabtree (Attendance)

17 Mike Greene (Attendance)

19 Liz Parry (Attendance)

20 Scott Terceira (Attendance)

21 Doug Allen (Attendance)

97 Joel Chambers (Attendance)

CS Corbin Smith (Attendance)

EG Eric Guedes (Attendance)

MJ Marty Jensen (Attendance)

MS Matt Steeves (Attendance)

SR Steve Richardson (Attendance)

Spare Roster
0 Goalie Mike Loveless (Attendance)

G James Oreto (Attendance)

G Ron Fine (Attendance)

G Justin O'Her (not legible on sheet) (Attendance)

G Luke Smit (Attendance)

30 goalie Dave Murray (Attendance)

44 G Matt Kissick (Attendance)

00 Justin Liu (Attendance)

4 Cam Cook (Attendance)

7 Quentin Schroeder (Attendance)

10 Steve Lafleur (Attendance)

11 Alex Epaminondas (Attendance)

14 Charlotte Davet (Attendance)

15 Bill Wheeler (Attendance)

17 Quentin Matheson (Attendance)

17 Chris Bolton (Attendance)

29 D Josh Escobar (Attendance)

85 Ashlee Sheridan (Attendance)

94 Lauren Gillespie (Attendance)

MA Marc Aubin (Attendance)