Summer 2016
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Blackhearts Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
31 goalie ashlee collins (Attendance)

centre/wing dave wilkinson (Attendance)

2 wing jen cutts (Attendance)

3 wing julie netley (Attendance)

7 wing/defence Paul Kawaii (Attendance)

8 defence Daniel Lawrence (Attendance)

9 centre marco lauriault (Attendance)

10 defence kelly dutton right (Attendance)
11 wing nick bujnak (Attendance)

12 wing/centre mcshane (Attendance)

14 defence maggie kuusisto (Attendance)

15 wing/centre Greg Smith (Attendance)

17 centre simon dragland (Attendance)

21 wing kimmy temple (Attendance)

22 wing/defence shawn cantelon (Attendance)

23 wing robbie roth (Attendance)

26 defence carolyn lawrence (Attendance)

51 defence michael cotter (Attendance)

67 wing/defence heather scanlan (Attendance)

71 wing bruce lynn (Attendance)

Spare Roster
goalie evan baird (Attendance)

Goalie Luke Smit (Attendance)

Gaolie Dan Levay (Attendance)

G Zeke James (Attendance)

G Dave Murray (Attendance)

43 Goalie Gloria Tran (Attendance)

defence/wing jeff marek (Attendance)

Michelle Lawrence (Attendance)

Brooke Lawrence (Attendance)

Brian Spencer (Attendance)

Ron / Sean "I'm hilarious" Maiden / Jessop (Attendance)

04 Darcie Watson (Attendance)

5 Dave Mutch (Attendance)

55 Geoff Voisin (Attendance)

80 Zane Van Hoek (Attendance)