Summer 2016
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Twisted Sisters
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Twisted Sisters Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
30 G Dan Levay (Attendance)

00 D/F Sal Knox (Attendance)

0 D Carla Millius (Attendance)

3 F Matt Beam R (Attendance)

4 F/D Mark Sprott L (Attendance)

6 F Jill Stewart L (Attendance)

7 D Robyn Sprott L (Attendance)

9 F Heather McCreath L (Attendance)

10 F Julie Martin R (Attendance)

11 D Tim Muirhead (Attendance)

12 F/D Dru Clausner L (Attendance)

13 F/C John Speed R (Attendance)

15 D Darren Vanstone (Attendance)

19 D/F Dave Mutch L (Attendance)

22 F Bryan Bean R (Attendance)

28 F/C Deanna Merkley R (Attendance)

35 D Shawn Carnegie (Attendance)

51 F/C Greg Spencer (Attendance)

79 Rocky Colangelo (Attendance)

80 F/C Zane Van Hoek (Attendance)

Spare Roster
00 Rob Trick (Attendance)

0 Sue Vanstone (Attendance)

14 Defense Carolyn Lawrence Left (Attendance)

14 Mike Loveless (Attendance)

67 Ciaran Megahey (Attendance)