Summer 2016
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Backcheck Republic
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Backcheck Republic Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
29 G Patrick O'Connell Left (Attendance)

2 D David Schmidt Left (Attendance)

3 D Darcie Watson (Attendance)

4 LW Jana Bookholt Left (Attendance)

7 RW Zoe Soper Right (Attendance)

9 D/C Jordan Kawai Right (Attendance)

10 D Joshua Collings Right (Attendance)

11 RW Nicole Bunt Right (Attendance)

12 C/LW/RW Ian Rice Right (Attendance)

14 RW/LW Amie Everett Right (Attendance)

15 C/D Geoff Voisin Right (Attendance)
22 RW/D William Fever Right (Attendance)

27 D Ryan Haas Left (Attendance)

44 LW Andy Smith Left (Attendance)

89 RW/LW Perry Walker Right (Attendance)

Spare Roster
Goalie Jay Charnow (Attendance)

20 goalie Andrew Masse (Attendance)

Doug Husk (Attendance)

6 forward Michael Reyan (Attendance)

6 D Daniel Gagnon Right (Attendance)

17 Adrianne Gagnon (Attendance)

41 Corbin Smith (Attendance)