Summer 2016
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Corn Flakes (Gold) (Aka Urine Trouble!)
Summer Mingle 2016
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Corn Flakes (Gold) (Aka Urine Trouble!) Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
101 G Luke Smit Burritos (Attendance)

0 F Liz Parry Macks (Attendance)

2 F Beth Bruder Sins (Attendance)

6 F/D Jason Adolph Indi (Attendance)

7 F Sam Wesley Sins (Attendance)

8 D Kneil Spek Warriors (Attendance)

9 F Quentin Matheson Macks (Attendance)

13 F Quentin Schroeder Macks (Attendance)

27 F GM Ryan Grant Parkdale (Attendance)

39 F GM Laine Pond Warriors (Attendance)

40 D David Rudoler CCCP (Attendance)

44 F Curtis Blakely Indi (Attendance)

47 Ciaran Megahey (Attendance)

71 F Sue Vanstone CCCP (Attendance)

77 F/D Geoff Voisin Chimps/Bloordale (Attendance)
88 D Maggie Kuusisto Bloordale (Attendance)

96 F Meaghan Murray Indi (Attendance)